Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Perak or Penang ?


My frenz keep asking...'hang dari mana nie? Asal mana sebenarnye ?" when i told them i'm going back home to Penang ...and at the same time writing about HRH of Perak on my blog.
Well....i was born in Tapah and then my family moved to Taiping. We stayed there for many years. I love Taiping very much. I studied in Penang. My sister was also in Penang. We speak the 'utara dialek' since Taiping's considered the "tempias Penang" zone. Then...when my late father was diagnosed with brain tumor...we were in Penang because he was admitted in Hospis Penang - till he passed away in September 2004. We moved to penang for good...leaving behind beautiful memories we had in taiping. I go back to Taiping to visit my amachi (grandma), aunties & uncles. Actually it's hard for me to go back sometimes cos the it reminds me of dad...and it breaks my heart everytime i'm there...knowing he's no longer with us (in person).
So....yes I am a Perak-ian. But now Penang is where my family is. So these two places hold a special place in my heart.