Wednesday, October 29, 2008 way

For the past 4 years ...we've been welcoming Deepavali without dad by our side. I wouldn't use the word 'celebrating' since there's no celebration without dad around anymore. made sure we welcomed the festival of lights the same old way. Since childhood we've been taught to respect this festival. Mom and sis will be in charge of food preparation where as dad and i will take care of the house cleaning and decoration stuff. We lived in a small house. Deepavali Eve ...we have the deepavali eve dinner. We pray for the grandpa and my dad's mom. After that we enjoy dinner...the four of us. We didn't have ASTRO back then so it was RTM or TV3 we watch. Early will wake us up. She'll be the first one up. Mom is so energetic. I admire her for that. My sis will be second one up. Dad and i will be the last ...hahaha...considering we hate waking up early. Yet...we'll be the first ones ready. Hihihi. Mom will prep us for oil bath. We will pray together. mom and dad will give us the new dress. We will all get ready and walk to the temple nearby our house. The temple will be filled with people we know...our friends. That's the good thing about staying in a small town. We know each other. After prayers we greet each other. We head home after that and treat ourselves to the traditional must have breakfast for Deepavali...tosai and chicken curry. yummmyyyy !

This year i went home Friday night after work. (MAS) Flight was at 9pm and reached home around 11pm. Saturday and Sunday i spent the day cleaning and doing last minute shopping. We prayed for dad on Sunday. Purely vegetarian. Every year it was our grandad(s) and it hurt to pray for dad these 4 years. On Deepavali day we did the usual thing. i love traditions. Our family friends came by for breakfast and lunch. The firecrackers and 'matthapoo' marked the welcoming of Deepavali. This year is speacil for us cos we are celebrating in our house....our own casa. No more rented house. It was remarkable and memorable. Yet....we wished dad was with us. We know he's happy too... Yesterday (Tuesday) was Ammavasai..a day to pray for fathers who passed away... We went to the Shivan temple and prayed. yesterday also marked that mom will be vegetarian for 10 days due to KandaShasthi (for Lord Murugan). She's being following the tradition influenced by my late grandad...her father in law. Since mom is vegetarian...we'll be too. I have a week rest at home. taking time to rest and enjoying mom's cooking. Till's a few pics of way...
happy deepavali to all ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Deepavali Vazhtukkal...

Season of Lights

Dunes of vapors from crackers rise,
Engulf, as odorous airs resound
Effusing joys to all abound
Pearls of gleams in these autumn nights
Adorn our lives else trite
With sparklers that motley skies
As soaring spirits of powder wander
Let us thank the heavenly might,
In this festive season of lights.

To all my nanbargal...deepavali nalvalthukkal.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

rumah terbuka hari raya & lokman

Last Saturday...kami ke rumah Diyana di SERENDAH (jauh giler siot).. ada rumah terbuka hari raya. Wow...mcm mcm ada (iklan astro ke?) ....masakan kampung...(i like)...mee kari, nasi himpit & kuah kacang, kuih muih, biskut raya, pulut kuning & rendang...terliur kan ! Lu tgk laa sendiri....

Aik cik Syeera...takkan air jek ...(hahahahahaha)...

Thank you cik Diyana & family...

Lokman (my ofismate) baru balik dari mengembara keliling semenanjung Malaysia sempena cuti raya. Member amik cuti seminggu....memang best kan ! Ni all souvenier dia belikan ...M.U keychain sudah pon wa gantung di beg gue ;)

Arigato gozaimaz Lokman-san

Friday, October 10, 2008

The 4 Dara Pinggitan BPPK ...a special tribute to Diyana

This is us..4 dara pinggitan of BPPK...We're sad...Diyana is going away to attend the DPA Course at INTAN. Things will never be the same without her ... hurts to bid farewell to our sister even tough it's only for 6 months..sheeeeeeeessshh...huhuhu...why oh why...
So...D..(how we fondly call her)'s to you...don't you dare to forget us...cos we'll make ur life miserable..thank you for everything...and we love you very very much ;) Good Luck Sis ;*

Existed in the heart that is friendship,

Made that of feeling is friendship,

In which unfamiliar becomes familiar,

That which is expressed through eyes,

That twinkle like stars is friendship,
That laughs in difficulties is friendship

Thank You For Everything...Love You..All De' Best & See U In april 2009...

Majlis Hari Raya BPPK & Sambutan Hari Lahir Julai-Sept BPPK

Hari nie Majlis Raya & Sambutan Besdat (July-Sept) BPPK. This is my ofis...Welcome....
Inilah persiapan Majlis Raya BPPK pagi tadi (10 Okt) ... oleh hero-hero gua di Unit Pentadbiran

dan.......ini lah hasil nyer...

Ini pula hidangnyer...

Lemang dan Rendang Tok ( wa tak makan laa.. so tatau sedap tak)
Nasi Bryani dan Ayam Masak Merah (sedap lorrr)

Saaataaayyy....( wa sukaaaaaa)

Kuih muih.dan..biskut raya

Meja VIP ( bos gue la tuuu)

Ini laa bos gua...Haji Jamaludin Yahaya

Besday cake dr Secret Recipe (to celebrate besday staf yang lahir bulan July to Sept)

The birthday gang (en halim,wan,pn hawa,kak nabihah,fauzan & abg pizol). hepi besday ya'll

Below : my Keluarga BPPK

Akhir sekali...ini lah family gua... UNIT PENTADBIRAN :)

Hope u enjoyed.... ;) XOXO...Sen

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Am Sorry...I Love You..

Being an ardent fan of Korean Drama... i am currently hooked to "I'm Sorry...I Love You" on 8tv every weekdays from 7 to 8 pm. My friend told me the ending is sad...yet i am going to continue watching it till the end...the title itself was nice..and i can't wait to finish the episodes...
Speaking of favourite channels include StarWorld,AXN,Hallmark...ntv7 and 8tv. While i turn to Starworld, Hallmark and AXN for my daily dose of favourite shows like CSI, House, Lipstick Jungle, Army Wives...I love our own NTV7 and 8TV...very much for showing Grey's Anatomy (latest season), Cashmere Mafia, Beverly Hills 90210 reruns, Criminal Minds, Shark, Burn Notice, Bones (latest season), Ugly Betty, Korean & Japanese drama and many more new shows NOT AVAILABLE on other paid channels. Thank you ntv7 & 8tv...

Btw...last weekend i was lucky to see and hear my idol speak Tamil for the first time in my life (on TV2)...Wow...Kudos to our own Prince Of Fashion..loved everything you said ;)

my win

recently i got a letter from Women's Weekly turned out to be a GOOD news indeed ;) YaY...i won one of the contest...Guerlain Promotion...and my gift....Guerlain make up hamper worth RM673

Friday, October 3, 2008

raya holidays...

i had 2 days off for raya. ended up resting at home watching movies on tv. one particular movie touched me. finally i had the chance to watch "Taare Zameen Par" (Stars on Earth) on Zee. wat a remarkable movie ! hats off to aamir and everyone involved in making the movie.

TZP being an impressive debut by aamir tells the story of eight year old Ishaan who suffers dyslexia and how a wonderful teacher saves him ... a beautifully scripted movie with compatible cinematograhy and showcased a brilliant performance by the young Darsheel Safary (playing Ishaan). I read today that TZP has been selected as India's official entry to the Oscars this year in the best foreign film category. Well deserved indeed. I wish that more movies as such will be made in coming years... quality movies with great storyline..

Loved tis painting of Ishaan by his teacher Ram Shanker Nikumbh...Every child is special