Monday, March 11, 2013

Given my working schedule and limitation of time to watch anything on tv... I'm very selective of what i watch. Being a Korean fanatic ...of course KBS is always my first choice followed by FOX, AXN and StarWorld. (:p)

I do enjoy selected Malay drama @ movies...but it has to be really good. I miss watching 'Keluarga Iskandar"...damn good actors & storyline. I hope there's season 2 soon !

Last Saturday I 'accidentally" watched this Malay drama & got hooked to it. It was funny & not the same old genre. Yea...the storyline is predictable..sort of the "Bachelor" series or "Marrying A Millionaire"(Korean) - yet I applaud all the actors ! I love watching Scha & the new 'handsome' guy Dazrin...also the other gals... gedik tapi funny tak de la meluat ! Monday, 9pm !

Anyway...I am still happy after watching my favourite guy (Mr Kim) finding love at last !!! Yippieeee !!!

at last....
ok then.... have a great day !!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Auld Lang Syne....CL

Feeling a bit down this morning...after Real Madrid qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions league on 3-2 aggregate. Many says it was a good game ruined by a bad referee. our all time hero- Ryan Giggs who made his 1,000th competitive appearance ! Well devils...let's look forward to Premier League & FA Cup then...shall we..  

I am not a fan of Christiano Ronaldo...but today I'd like to commend  this 'respectful' former Manchester United star after he did not celebrate scoring for Real Madrid against his old club. I knew that CR looks up to Ferguson ... but it was truly great of him for what he did.