Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's been 2 years...the Kinabalu Quest Part 1

sunrise at kinabalu

I was in Sabah for two years..2005 to 2007. This date...two years ago...i joined a group friends to climb Mount Kinabalu. 3rd & 4th July 2006. Being a PTD...we've been trained climbing various hills (even witout our slightest interest) but when climbing Kinabalu...we've been advised to build up our stamina and indulge in strenuous exercise before the climb. At just under 4100 meters, Mt. Kinabalu is the highest trekkable mountain in South East Asia. It rises 2500 meters in altitude on a path that is 8700 meters long!

The team
Day 01 (3rd July 2006)

Since my friends and i was the first timer climbers...our sabahan frenz advised us to let the porters carry our backpacks (and the charge is so very cheap compared to the load they're carrying). I just carried my water bottle (wit glucose water). We set off with our guide at 8:00AM up the trail towards Laban Rata (3300 meters). It takes just over five hours of uphill climbing (2500 stairs in addition to the incline!) punctuated with seven rest stops for water refills and trips to the toilet before we made it there. It was drizzling. Had early dinner at Laban Rata (fried rice cost RM13.00 ; hot Milo RM5.00). We stayed at Gunting Lagadan. We were advised to get some sleep and rest...before continuing the climb to the peak very very early in the morning (1.00 am).

To be continued....