Friday, February 15, 2013

Simply Sabah

I had some time off in January...and planned to take mom & sis on the Sabah trip which is long overdue. I love's sort of my second home... Been working & staying there so I love Sabahans..& almost everything about it ..
So here goes..
25th - 28th Jan 2013
in da teasing me with the 'peace sign'
the sisters - mom & my youngest aunty
moi @ Pekan Nabalu

Pit Stop before heading to Kinabalu Park
TARAP - the fruit you can only find in Sabah
@ Kinabalu Park

Mom excited @ Poring

The sisters enjoying the hotspring

@ Gaya Street

Lok Kawi Sri Subramaniar Temple - Thaipusam Celebration

We also visited the Sri Pasupathinath Temple...

@ Filipino Craft Market
The famous Sabah Ice Cream !! Yum..Yum