Friday, February 22, 2013


Never knew I'll be so obsessed with
My first korean heartthrob was Jang Hyuk... Phewww....fell in love while watching "Successful Story of a Bright Girl" ! No worries...he's happily married with two kids now **wink**  A good actor ... I watched "Chuno" and other drama he acted as well... not bad.

Omo...saranghaye Jang Hyuk-ssiii
Next...Lee Dong Wook from "My Girl". baby face...good actor and I think I liked him best as Gong Chan...
My current obsession - MR KIM !!!! He's the lead in "Cheer Up, Mr Kim"..such a good role !
If only such guy exists !!! You wish !
naui cheonsa.. MR KIM !!!

Ok then....have a good weekend ya'll !!!