Friday, October 5, 2012

The Korean Affair - Part 2

23rd September 2012 (Sunday)

Pre-tour arranged by the secretariat

1) Deogyusan National Park

Deogyusan Resort is great place to relax all year round, with Alps-style first class hotel and a variety of convenience facilities in its 2,200,000 pyeong area. The resort is especially famous for its ski courses, and many enthusiasts come here during the winter. At Manseonbong Peak (1,215m) skiing grounds, there is a lift that can handle 13,000 people at once, and there are a variety of courses from beginners' to professional levels. (Source : Korea Tourism)
this will all be snowy come Nov / Dec


2) Bandi (Firefly) Land

The fireflies of Muju are considered to be so special, that they have been designated as one of Korea’s natural monuments.Geared mainly towards children, Bandi Land is an excellent place to learn about and experience fireflies, insects, and the stars. Main highlights include the insect museum with its vast display of mounted beetles & butterflies and the observatory, where you can compare your weight on the moon, Mars, and other planets. (Source : Korea Tourism)

bandi land !!
...with Mr. Bandi

3) Wild Grape Wine Cave @ Muju Magique

Korean Wild Grape Wine Cave is located at Jeoksangsan, Bukchang-ri, Jeoksang-myeon where you can feel the real taste and beauty of the Korean wild grape wine, a representative specialty of Muju-gun along with its beautiful natural environment and cultural assets.Korean Wild Grape Wine Cave is composed of Wine House and Secret Gate of Korean wild grape wine where wine is made and where the Muju-produced Korean wild grape is matured, stored and sold. The two-story wine house (163.73㎡) has the Banditbul Agricultural Specialty Shop and Wine café which also sells traditional teas. The Secret Gate (270m) has a wine café, wine tasting and storage. (Source : Korea Tourism)

Yummmmmm sengggggggg

the entrance.... no, it's NOT an amusement park ya'll
wine storage

to be continued....