Friday, October 5, 2012

The Korean Affair - Part 1

Annyonghashimnikka !!

guess what ! my dream finally came true. yippie !
me in Korea !!! like seriously ? !! oh yea baby ! Anyone who knows me knows that I am so in love with Korea. yea..yea, the aftereffect of watching too many Korean drama (s). I was asked to attend a meeting there from 22nd - 27th of September 2012...

nae ticket


The meeting was in Muju - a ski resort (no snow at that time tho),about 3.5 hours from Incheon. It was a lovely place. Hotel reminded me of Austria (not that I've been there or anything)...just the setting, ambience, the staff uniform & all. 

The room :)

Welcoming gift

the view...

Meeting went very well and i met a lot of interesting people...had a chance to savour korean food (esp bibimbap)...but mostly vegetarian tho cos I don't take beef or pork (almost all dishes contained B & P)

my first meal...bibimbap

nak join ?

btw...i love the korean bowl & long spoon !
notice the Malaysian flag on the background... : )
Manage to watch devils win ! glory glory
to be continued......