Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sayonara Japan...

Everyone got up early. We actually slept around 2 @ 3 am..packing / chit chat / sharing pics etc ..etc.. The bus took us to the Kansai Airport as early as 7 am. Our (MAS) flight was at 11.10 am. I saw excitement on everyone's face ;). We group-checked-in at the Business Class counter. After we're finished with the imigration and all...we visited some of the duty free shops at the airport before heading to the lounge.MAS shared lounge with All Nippon Air (ANA) was ok laa...At 10.40am...we boarded the plane. On board....i watched 'Hancock', 'Get Smart' and listened to songs... while being served with appetizing gastronomy.

Finally...the anouncement we've been waiting for..."Tuan tuan dan puan puan, kita telah mendarat di Lapangan terbang Antarabangasa Kuala Lumpur. bagi tujuan keselamatan.....bla..blaa..bla....". It was 5.25 pm. Fuhh..lega nyer balik ke bumi Malaysia. Hujan emas di bumi orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri...." Sen paling suka when the lead steward said.."kepada warganegara Malaysia - Selamat pulang" ***goosebumps** man ! It felt soooooo good ;) Home sweeeeet home !