Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I finally finished watching "I'm Sorry...I Love You"' (Mianhanda...Saranghanda) last week. It turned out to be a wonderful love story. I knew the hero will die in the end...and like it anyway ...as told my friend ...it doesn't matter if the hero dies or lives...it was beautifully scripted. Many may not agree with me...but then it's my choice and i really liked it very much...esp the ending ;) ** MOO HYUK’S PRAYER:
Lord, if you really do exist, I promise you, Song Eun Chae, If you let her be beside me for rest of my time, If you let her comfort me for the time I have left, If you don't hurt me again, I'll give up my life right now. My hatred, anger, i'll throw them away, and quietly die! Lord, I make the promise with you.