Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 02 - Day 06

Day o2 ( Monday) 10 Nov 2008
Had breakfast at the JiCA Café. Later we had the briefing session from Jica and Jice as well as Prex. Our group consist of 19 government officers from various govt departments in Malaysia. It took a day for the briefing. In the evening...we just strolled around JiCa ... the weather was beautiful...and the sights were breathtaking...
Day 03 (Tuesday)
We had a lecture. Prof Lau from Reitaku Uni. Later that afternoon we continued with the group presentation. At 7.00 pm we attended the Japanese Language Class…best gilerrrrrrrr…This is our class & sensei..
Day 04 (Wed)
After breakfast we boarded the chartered bus to the Konosuke Matshushita’s Musuem.
After lunch we had a lecture on Japanese Economy by Prof Tanika at jiCA.

Day 05 (Thur)

Morning we had a discussion with PREX. Then ...later after lunch we continued with a lecture on the Role Of Middle Managers by Mr Sugimoto Day 06 (Friday)

Went for field trip at Kitano Meister Kobe. My Muslim friends had a chance to pray at the Kobe Mosque. After lunch at a halal North Indian Restaurant...we had a brifeing by Kobe Municipal Office.

~Kobe in sephia~
To be continued...