Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sláinte Sir Alex !

I received texts this morning "are you sad that your coach @ manager is leaving"
Sigh ** shocked, disappointed and very sad
Headlines today read "Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring as manager of Manchester United, the club has confirmed". Disheartening but true. The Devils are losing a great coach who's been with the team for almost 26 years ! Whoaaa... The Scotsman secured his 13th Premier League title, 5 FA Cup titles, 2 Champions League titles and 4 league titles with Manchester United making himself the most successful manager in British football history ! Our final game for this season-on May 19, will be his 1,500th in charge.(Like...seriously)..
Fergie (as he's fondly known) steps aside as the greatest figure in football management ! Moyes, Mourinho or who ever it is expected to replace him...have really BIG shoes to fill.
So here's a tribute to a REAL HERO...Glory Glory !