Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Calling Chennai...

Date : 25th - 27th April 2013

We travelled from Ooty to Chennai by road and it took us almost 10 hours...**bloody tiring**.... Poor mom. Thankfully the highway road was good and our journey turned out somewhat smooth & saw this along the way...

108 Sivalinggam Temple

Melmaruthuva Amman Temple (some festival goin on)

Finally we arrived Chennai at night. Our final 3 day 'to-do list' was to spend some time in Chennai. My aunt wanted to go shopping hence we stayed at T.Nagar.

I'd like to recommend this place to anyone visiting Chennai...excellent ! Star City Apt !
the bedroom

living area
Theagaraya Nagar, popularly known by its abbreviated form T. Nagar, is a neighbourhood in the city of Chennai. According to the 2012 Cushman & Wakefield report Main Streets Across the World, Khader Nawaz Khan Road at Nungambakkam ranked 10th position in the list of Top 10 Global Highest Retail Rental Growth Markets 2012. Hence, this 6 km-long stretch of street has been the heart of shopping... a majority of them selling textiles or gold jewelry.
However, considering the variety, we opted to go to Purasalwakam first,another shopping district in Chennai,close to the Chennai Central and Egmore railway stations. Traffic congestion is at peak  in Chennai at all time.

No...I am not controlling traffic..

The stretch of retail & jewellery stores
Oh ya...we also bought sweeets....super delicious ! Yum Yum...

This time around, we travelled everywhere using the auto. It was convenient and easier compared to any other mode of transportation.
 We've travelled 1,159.7 km in 9 days..pheww...and that's excluding trips around Chennai. It was a good trip..better than 2009 I guess. Now, I can't wait to go home....back to Malaysia...home sweet home.
Chennai to Trichy - 325.2km
Trichy to Ooty - 287.2km
Ooty to Chennai - 547.3km
Till then, adios Chennai...thank you