Friday, August 3, 2012

Buka Pose BPPK

It's been a customary for all the ex & current BPPK staffs/ friends to get-together for buka puasa during Ramadhan. It's good we could make time to catch up with one another..Wan was also in town attending a course. So it was Ezly & family, Syeera & Jude, Vicky, Wan, Pokchek, Lokman, Tan and yours truly... Too bad Jaf & Deanna (& their respective families) could not join us. Perhaps next time yea...

We also celebrated Wan's advance birthday ...we had such a good time... ! Thanx everyone. May our friendship last forever !

Have a Blessed Ramadhan !

all of us

our heroes

tan, syeera & jude

Ezly & Family

chit chat time

Syeer & the kids

Sen & Vick

Birthday boy...