Friday, October 10, 2008

The 4 Dara Pinggitan BPPK ...a special tribute to Diyana

This is us..4 dara pinggitan of BPPK...We're sad...Diyana is going away to attend the DPA Course at INTAN. Things will never be the same without her ... hurts to bid farewell to our sister even tough it's only for 6 months..sheeeeeeeessshh...huhuhu...why oh why...
So...D..(how we fondly call her)'s to you...don't you dare to forget us...cos we'll make ur life miserable..thank you for everything...and we love you very very much ;) Good Luck Sis ;*

Existed in the heart that is friendship,

Made that of feeling is friendship,

In which unfamiliar becomes familiar,

That which is expressed through eyes,

That twinkle like stars is friendship,
That laughs in difficulties is friendship

Thank You For Everything...Love You..All De' Best & See U In april 2009...