Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nuzul Quran holiday

Since we're working in Cyberjaya ...Wednesday (17/9) was a holiday for was Nuzul Quran...(correct me if i'm wrong) a celebration to commemorate of the revelation of the Quran.
I had no prior plan..i went walking around Alamanda, Putrajaya...(my lepak port).

Picked up MarieClaire & gota free tote.. ;)

Bought a white Vincci sandal at a very reasonable $ after % (nice ?)

Finally...had nothing else to do...i went for a movie...Tamil Movie (me?)...well...since i had no mood to watch the rest of the movie showing. Dhaam Dhoom...a movie made in memory of the late dirtector Jeeva. The story was lousy...and NOT a suitable movie for children. I wondered why Kangana...then after watching the scenes...i got it. (sheeesshh) Lakshmi Rai sans make up look fantastic but not her acting i think. The only thing worth my compliments in this movie is Harris Jayraj's magnificent tunes ! Hats off. Nice songs but the scenes were unneccesssary. I also liked some of the beautiful shots. All ini personal's not worth watching. ;0