Monday, September 15, 2008

i'm a korean drama addict

Currently i am watching Fashion 70's (I love bad boy Bin) & The Time between Dog & Wolf...

Unlike many who was hooked with "Winter Sonata" first introduction to Korean drama was "The Successful Story Of A Bright Girl" and my first crush was Jang Hyuk. I loved the story line. My friends were then obsessed with 'Autumn In My Heart". (that was the time when tissue prices went up...hihihi). Have u seen the little girl's (who plays young Eun Suh) acting ? Damn..goooood !

Why i love korean drama ? Well, the stories were different. I prefered fun My Love Patzzi, All About Eve and Yu Hee The Witch. I was in love...again..(duhh) this time with Lee Dong Wook...who plays Gong Chan in "My Girl". I have the dvd at home...and i've watched it so many times. I love the story very much. If u are an ardent fan of Korean'll know wat i'm talking about. goes.. I AM SEN & I AM ADDICTED TO KOREAN DRAMA !