Friday, June 14, 2013


Asssaaaaa.....My second official trip to Korea (yippeee) ... I din mind being busy with long as it's in Korea !!! We left on 30th May..

Day 1 - 31st May 2013 (Friday)

Arrived at 7am. Since our hotel was only available at 2..we decided to start work. So we visited our Tourism Malaysia booth @ Korea World Travel Fair(KOTFA2013).
Yup...that Gangnam... PSY was missing tho
Our dancers !!!
Our booth
School children watching the Malaysia performance
Jeju's Booth - always wanted to visit Jeju (someday maybe)

Managed to check in @ Ramada Seoul by 2pm. We had another meeting at got ready & rushed to the Korean Furniture Museum.

Later that evening we manage to stop by Namdaemun Market.