Friday, June 8, 2012

a day out with my bestie :)

My bestie was in town and we made plans to meet. If there's one person i can truly call a friend - she's the one. We dun text or call each other constantly, but the bond that exists between us is remarkable. Fits the saying - true friendship exists when silence between two people are comfortable.  We went  thru several ups & down in life, like any friends, we had our misunderstandings but despite that, looking at us now- it makes me so happy. We understand each other very well. I believe that some miracle ways ...God shows us what is right & what is not in life. I am forever thankful to God for showing me this person in my life.

Lin... thanx for being a true friend.

my bestie Alin with her prince(s) & pweencess :) **sorry for the blur pix**

My darlings - Prince Adam, Prince Ammar & Pweencess Aisa ! i love you all !!!