Monday, May 16, 2011

happy birthday ma !!!

Thank God - no class on May13th!

Yippie :) I could go home on thursday just in time for amma's birthday.

After dad passed...the three of us seldom celebrate anythg. When asked what mum wanted, she just said being with us was enough. After insisting, she wanted to give (donate) food to people. Agreed. On 13th..we wished mum at the stroke of 12 midnite. went to temple. I didn't do much ...sis took care of everythg. Our Masterchef prepared a homemade vegetarian cake (sis is a full time vegan) and also special lunch for mum. Yummy !!! Master chef (my younger sis) indeed...she learned from the best ...tq amma...


Each year we are extra happy on your birthday;

Your day reminds us of God’s gift to us--

A mom who gave her all to raise us right,

A mother like the one we want to be.

Thank you amma ...we love you
~Sen & Ana~