Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i'm a couch potato ... : p

Being busy with work at all only indulgance after work (apart from having a rest, listening to music, reading and sleeping) watching tv. I admit it...i'm a couch potato. Hahaha... below are a few of my favourite must see shows on tv... during weekdays & weekends...

Monday - BONES on ntv7 - I just love these two ;)
Tuesday - Lipstick Jungle (SW) - I'm in love with Kirby...and i adore Joe too.. hehehehe. The gals rock the show
Ugly Betty (8tv) - Love everyone in this show...except for that Kimmie (played by L.Lo)
Brothers & Sisters (SW) - the best of sibbling-hood
Wednedays & Thurdays (Tv2/8tv) - Duhh...boring boring day....i just switch channels to see if there's any good movies on ....Friday - Monk ....

Saturday - Greys Anatomy - I'm already bored with Mcdreamy & Meredith...but hey...wat de heck.. the latest season on ntv7...let's see wat happens next. I miss Dr. Ross (of ER)...anyone else missing him !?? The first doctor i fell in love with ;)

Gilmore Gals - I miss Jared Padalecki :(
Sunday - CSI (AXN) - all out...
One Tree Hill (8tv)