Thursday, February 12, 2009

let's talk movies....

Often i am asked who's film (Tamil) from India i love watching. Many might say Maniratnam. My ultimate favourite is Bala's movies. he doesn't make many movies...yet he delivers the best. Bala, the man who has revolutionized Tamil cinema with meaningful and realistic films like- Sethu, Nandha and Pithamagan, has made another masterpiece with his latest Naan Kadavul. I can't wait to watch "Naan Kadavul". Bala's film touches your soul and makes you salute the brave director for making this authentic milestone classic. Watch any of his movies and you'll know. I even read reviews asking Danny Boyle (of Slumdog Millionaire) to take a walk after watching Bala's latest masterpiece (Naan Kadavul) where he brilliantly portrayed the dark and disturbing side of the beggar mafia in places around devotional institutions in the country. Bala has made it hard hitting, raw and riveting, qualities that is lapped up by worldwide connoisseurs of good cinema.
I was introduced to Bala thru his first movie 'Sethu'. Look out for Vikram's brilliant performance and portrayal as the lead role. The hindi remake with Salman Khan was not even at par with the original. U watch and you'll know what i mean.

Nandha...he did a good job with Surya as the lead.
Thirdly came Pithamaghan. Both Vikram and Surya performed exceptionally with Bala as the anchor. I still cry watching reruns of this movie on tv. It's that good.
Now...came the latest flick.. Naan Kadavul with Arya as the lead. It's receiving positive reviews. Without reading reviews i know it'll be good cause i know Bala's ability. I just hope many directors would be like him and stop giving crappy movies. Nowdays i dun even bother watching the latest upcoming Tamil movies. Many may disagree with me and it's their choice. Basic economy theory -when there's demand...there's supply.
As for the local Tamil market, i only prefer and await one director's work - Mr Deepak Menon.If you have watched his 'Chemman Chalai' and 'Challanggai"...u'll know wat i mean. Hat's off to his brilliant team...and hope to see a new movie from em' soon ;)